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The Regional Reality of Federal Regulation

Oct 4, 2016 PPR News

Penn Law students learn about adjudication and regional enforcement of regulations.

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LA Cracks Down on “Unreasonable” Water Use

Sep 22, 2016 News

City ordinance amendment institutes harsher penalties for those who flout water restrictions amid drought.

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Stopping Hackers from Turning off the Lights

Sep 13, 2016 News

Senate bill would give Energy Department power to deal with cyberattacks on the nation’s power grid.

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Concerns for the Future of Conservation at the National Parks’ Centennial

Sep 5, 2016 News

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell celebrated the occasion with a call to action to change the nation’s conservation approach.

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When the Rule-Makers Are Captured

Jul 6, 2016 News

According to experts on a recent panel, identifying, measuring, and tackling capture should be a top priority for government.

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Black Friday Flourishes as Blue Laws Fade

Nov 26, 2015 News

Sales encroach on Thanksgiving Day festivities as moral laws restricting holiday retail sales disappear.

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Forging a Treaty in the Face of Climate Change

Jun 8, 2015 PPR News

PPR panel addresses the risks of climate change and the realities of reaching an international agreement.

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What Enabled Chile’s Remarkable Recovery from Disaster?

Jun 1, 2015 PPR News

PPR seminar examines factors behind Chile’s bounce back from 2010 earthquake.

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How Can Regulation Reduce the Risks of Fracking?

May 4, 2015 PPR News

PPR seminar highlights regulatory solutions to risks of unconventional gas development.

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Helping the IRS Keep Track of Tax-Exempt Charitable Groups

Feb 4, 2015 News

The GAO recommends the IRS improve oversight of tax-exempt charitable organizations.

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