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It Takes “Alternative Math” to Claim That Redistribution Is Futile

Mar 16, 2017 Opinion

A regulation that provides a benefit in excess of a cost while helping the disadvantaged subsets of society should be seen as doubly wise.

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How OSHA Can Succeed with the Cards It Is Dealt

Oct 3, 2016 Opinion

Despite its wide-ranging capabilities, OSHA has often let its detractors have their way. To combat this, it should enlist partners in all..

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Regulatory Transparency Should be a Two-Way Street

May 12, 2014 Opinion

OSHA deserves praise for asking commenters submitting scientific information to disclose their funding sources.

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Updating OSHA Inspection Policies

Apr 4, 2013 Opinion

Using predictive targeting could better identify firms with the biggest risks to workers.

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A Missed Opportunity: The Ostrich Approach to Indoor Radon Exposure

May 7, 2012 Opinion

Small, proactive steps could prevent thousands of radon-related deaths.

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The Proper Limits of the Congressional Regulatory Veto

Mar 8, 2012 Opinion

The CRA's ban on issuing "substantially similar" rules has been misunderstood

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