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New Regulatory Incentives to Help Small Businesses

Aug 31, 2016 News

An article from April 2016 at the Government Executive highlighted the fact that government agencies had awarded $91 billion in government..

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Stricter Rules Bring Challenges but also Cash to Montana Day Care Centers

Aug 30, 2016 News

State authorities revamp day care regulations to meet federal standards and remain eligible for funding.

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The Future of California’s Water

Aug 29, 2016 News

A legislative committee report urges state regulators to seek alternative water sources.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: August 26, 2016

Aug 26, 2016 Week in Review

Texas judge blocks bathroom guidance, NLRB rules that graduate students at private universities can unionize, and more...


How Should We Measure Terrorism Risk?

Aug 25, 2016 PPR News

A recent PPR seminar discussed changes in how our government analyzes terrorism risks.

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Making Profits by Disrupting the Regulatory Status Quo

Aug 24, 2016 Analysis

Scholar explains the rise and expansion of startups that push the regulatory envelope.

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China Addresses Climate Change in its Latest Five-Year Plan

Aug 23, 2016 News

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, China aims to fulfill its commitment in the Paris Agreement.

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Teaching Regulatory Law Through Online Publishing

Aug 22, 2016 Opinion

Students who participate in RegBlog gain in-depth knowledge about regulation and hone vital professional skills.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: August 19, 2016

Aug 19, 2016 Week in Review

Navajo Nation sues EPA over toxic spill cleanup, EPA and NHTSA release new rule to reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, and more...


Rethinking the Compliance Curriculum

Aug 18, 2016 Opinion

Compliance classes should differ depending on students’ career paths and types of risks the class addresses.

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