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What are the Effects of State Voter Identification Laws?

Oct 30, 2014 Analysis

A recent GAO report investigates how ID requirements impact voter turnout.

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Federal Government Looks to Revise Home Health Care Guidelines

Oct 29, 2014 News

Proposed rule would revise Medicare certification requirements for home health agencies.

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Obamacare Could Improve Prisoner Healthcare and Save States Money

Oct 28, 2014 Analysis

Medicaid expansion creates incentives for states to provide inmates with health care services.

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There is More to Mandatory Disclosure than Meets the Eye

Oct 27, 2014 Opinion

"Targeted transparency" can help achieve regulatory and regulated entity goals.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: October 24, 2014

Oct 24, 2014 Week in Review

The FEC announces plans to remove some campaign contribution limits, the CDC supplies grant money to fight Ebola, and more...


Corporate Inversions May Be on the Rise

Oct 23, 2014 Analysis

New research claims benefits of inversions often outweigh costs.

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New Federal Guidance Issued on Public-Private Toll Roads

Oct 22, 2014 Analysis

Federal highway authority calls for balancing public policy objectives with private investment.

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How Fear Can Help Fight Ebola

Oct 21, 2014 Opinion

Public fears of Ebola give health officials an opportunity to harness public attention for greater good.

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Interstate Medical Licensure and Emergency Response

Oct 20, 2014 Opinion

Adoption of new model legislation could improve medical response to public health crises and disasters.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: October 17, 2014

Oct 17, 2014 Week in Review

Jean Tirole wins the Nobel Prize, the Department of Defense releases a climate change response plan, and more...