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The Regulatory Week in Review: September 30, 2016

Sep 30, 2016 Week in Review

FCC delays its set-top box proposal, D.C. Circuit holds oral arguments on the Clean Power Plan...and more.


Regulations Could be Increasing Consumer Prices

Sep 29, 2016 Analysis

A recent study shows a correlation between regulation and consumer prices.

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Hillary Clinton Rallies West Philadelphians to Register and Vote

Sep 28, 2016 Election 2016

The Democratic candidate for President shares her platform and voter mobilization goals.

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In First Presidential Debate, Candidates Spar over Economy, Crime, Trade

Sep 27, 2016 Election 2016

Interspersed between jeers and jabs, substance takes center stage during widely anticipated event of the presidential race.

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A Reply to Professor Amy Sinden’s Critique of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 27, 2016 Opinion

Cost-benefit analysis is the most preferable form of analysis, and it should continue to be employed for important regulatory decisions.

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Supreme Court Remains Skeptical of the “Cost-Benefit State”

Sep 26, 2016 Opinion

Recent Court decisions have not created a presumption in favor of formal cost-benefit analysis.

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A Debate Over the Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sep 26, 2016 Series

Previously published RegBlog essay sparks debate over the role that cost-benefit analysis should play in regulatory decision-making.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: September 23, 2016

Sep 23, 2016 Week in Review

The Department of Transportation releases guidelines for autonomous vehicles, the Department of Labor's overtime rule faces multiple legal..


LA Cracks Down on “Unreasonable” Water Use

Sep 22, 2016 News

City ordinance amendment institutes harsher penalties for those who flout water restrictions amid drought.

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Reforming the Federal Reserve System

Sep 21, 2016 News

Penn scholar explains the role, structure, and possible changes to the Federal Reserve System.

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