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The Regulatory Week in Review: February 17, 2017

Feb 17, 2017 Week in Review

Andrew Puzder withdraws his nomination to serve as Labor Secretary, President Trump uses the CRA to repeal regulations, and more...


How Transportation Safety Review Can Play a Role in Regulating Law Enforcement

Feb 16, 2017 Opinion

An agency modeled after the federal transportation safety board could promote safety for the public and police.

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Reviewing Police Use of Force Through Root Cause Analysis

Feb 15, 2017 Opinion

More agencies are embracing a new kind of review focused on preventing future errors, rather than placing blame.

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Regulating the Reasonableness of Police Violence

Feb 14, 2017 Opinion

The legal standard governing police force provides inadequate guidance to police officers and the courts.

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The Future of Police Reform Under the Trump Administration

Feb 13, 2017 Opinion

Insights gleaned from past federal enforcement efforts can inform future locally driven improvements.

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Regulating Police Use of Force

Feb 13, 2017 Series

Scholars, activists, and other criminal justice experts address possible legal responses to excessive police force.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: February 10, 2017

Feb 10, 2017 Week in Review

Trump's travel ban remains halted, Senate confirms DeVos as Education Secretary, and more...


How to Protect Football Stars

Feb 9, 2017 PPR News

Experts discuss multiple avenues OSHA could undertake to protect NFL players.

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Regaining Control After Brexit While Maintaining Membership in the WTO

Feb 8, 2017 News

If Britain has to reapply for WTO membership after Brexit, the process could take years and result in disruption to world trade.

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Treasury Pick’s Oversight of “Robo-Signing” Heats Up Nomination Proceedings

Feb 7, 2017 News

Steven Mnuchin continues to advance in U.S. Senate even as Democrats decry his role during financial crisis.

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