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President Trump’s Regulatory Vision

Jan 19, 2017 Opinion

How the incoming President might shape his strategy in the regulatory sphere.

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The Discount Rate for the Social Cost of Carbon

Jan 18, 2017 Opinion

A Trump Administration proposal that would reduce the social cost of carbon relies on an unjustified discount rate.

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How Geographic Boundaries Determine the Social Cost of Carbon

Jan 17, 2017 Opinion

Considering only the national impact of emissions would be a harmful, misguided move by the Trump administration.

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The Unhealthy Return to Individual Responsibility in Health Policy

Jan 16, 2017 Opinion

The Republicans’ ACA replacement plan espouses individual responsibility—a naïve and ill-advised approach to healthcare reform.

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Regulating International Cyberwarfare

Jan 13, 2017 News

Expert proposes approach to determine the optimal regulatory framework for cyberwar.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: January 13, 2017

Jan 13, 2017 Week in Review

Senate passes budget resolution aimed at beginning repeal of Affordable Care Act, Senate confirmation hearings for Cabinet appointees..


New Climate Resilience Report Emphasizes Cross-Sector Collaboration

Jan 12, 2017 News

The Obama Administration releases report on opportunities to enhance nation’s climate resilience.

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Under Trump, AT&T-Time Warner Merger Hangs in the Balance

Jan 11, 2017 News

Despite optimism about the future for the $85.4 billion deal, a new report claims Trump remains opposed to the merger.

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Improving Regulatory Analysis at Independent Agencies

Jan 10, 2017 Opinion

Independent agencies should adopt four key analytical standards.

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Improving the Process of Making Rules at Independent Agencies

Jan 9, 2017 Opinion

Following certain procedural steps will strengthen independent agencies’ rulemaking processes.

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