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The Role of Political Parties in Helping Presidents Lead Government

Jul 1, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholar examines how modern political parties help presidents oversee federal agencies.

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Using the Constitution to Promote Renewable Energy

Jun 30, 2015 Analysis

Legal scholars argue that the Constitution requires states to consider regional energy needs.

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Rowhouse Heat

Jun 29, 2015 Opinion

Applying DOE’s proposed energy efficiency standard to furnaces in rowhouses would be counterproductive.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: June 26, 2015

Jun 26, 2015 Week in Review

The Supreme Court issues decisions on same-sex marriage and healthcare reform, Senators hold hearings on concept of regulatory budget, and..


How Cooperation Between Telecom Firms Can Improve Efficiency

Jun 25, 2015 Opinion

Scholar argues that cooperation and competition can co-exist in the European telecom industry.

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Response to Disclosurites

Jun 24, 2015 Opinion

The authors respond to RegBlog commentators and call for the end of "useless" disclosure requirements.

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Mistaking the Symptom for the Disease

Jun 23, 2015 Opinion

Disclosure is not a substitute for regulations that protect consumers.

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Mandated Disclosure May Have Flaws, But It Still Has Value

Jun 22, 2015 Opinion

Scholar highlights some of the successes of mandatory disclosure policies.

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The Regulatory Week in Review: June 19, 2015

Jun 19, 2015 Week in Review

U.S. Senators introduce bill requiring cost analyses of agency regulations, the FDA takes steps to remove trans fat from processed foods,..


Defending Disclosure

Jun 18, 2015 Opinion

Scholar challenges the claim that mandatory disclosure is a failure.

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