The Rise of Cyborg Finance

Sep 30, 2014

Can regulators keep up with the financial industry’s changing landscape?

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The Case Against Using Global Benefits to Set U.S. Climate Policy

Sep 24, 2014

Two prominent economists introduce new questions into the debate over the social cost of carbon.

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Broadband Competition is the Internet’s “North Star”

Sep 23, 2014

FCC Chair emphasizes need for increased consumer choice in the years to come.

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GAO Recommends Improved Oversight of Information Technology Contracts

Sep 18, 2014

Government audit examines six federal agencies’ oversight of IT contractors.

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California Poised to Adopt First Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

Sep 17, 2014

Recently passed bill awaits signing in the face of environmentalist cheers and industry fears.

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The Cost to Businesses from Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Sep 16, 2014

Agency actions are minor components of the financial consequences of FCPA enforcement.

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Reframing the Discussion on Money in Politics

Sep 1, 2014

Congressional ethics expert urges regulating lobbying, campaign finance, and gifts simultaneously.

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Improving Regulatory Processes Around the World

Aug 26, 2014

New OECD report encourages governments to learn better ways to make regulations.

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Will a Proposed E-Cigarette Rule Adequately Protect Youth?

Aug 6, 2014

The FDA recently proposed a rule on e-cigarettes, but critics claim key protections are still needed.

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A Libertarian Bias in the D.C. Circuit’s Administrative Law

Jul 30, 2014

Scholars say the Supreme Court should rebuke the lower court’s ideologically influenced decisions.

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