The Case for FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Diagnostic Tests

Sep 1, 2015

Scholar argues in favor of proposal to regulate lab-developed tests as medical devices.

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The Workplace Constitution and the Spiderman Theory of State Action

Aug 31, 2015

"With great power comes great responsibility" to ensure workplace equality.

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Applying Tobacco Tax Lessons to Sugary Drinks

Aug 27, 2015

Scholar says price minimums and prohibitions on discounts must accompany sugary beverage taxes.

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Committee Recommends Cautious Use of Issue Exhaustion Doctrine in Rulemaking Cases

Aug 25, 2015

ACUS committee warns against requirement to raise issues in rulemaking before seeking judicial review.

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Does Extending a Comment Period Equal Regulatory Delay?

Aug 24, 2015

Study suggests a link between comment period extensions and delays in final rules.

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Legal Challenges to Fracking Regulation

Aug 18, 2015

It remains to be seen whether industry efforts to fight hydraulic fracturing regulation will succeed.

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The Benefits of Agency Engagement with Constitutional Interpretation

Aug 12, 2015

Scholar argues courts should embrace agencies’ role in adapting the Constitution to present-day society.

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Taxing Fringe Benefits

Aug 11, 2015

Law and economics professor examines how to tax fringe benefits most efficiently.

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The Need for Federal Oversight of Tax Preparers

Aug 10, 2015

As court strikes down IRS tax preparer regulations, a scholar argues for a legislative fix.

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A Resource List on NHTSA Fines, Recalls, and Reform

Aug 5, 2015

RegBlog’s go-to source for learning more about recent auto safety concerns.

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