Improving Regulatory Processes Around the World

Aug 26, 2014

New OECD report encourages governments to learn better ways to make regulations.

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Will a Proposed E-Cigarette Rule Adequately Protect Youth?

Aug 6, 2014

The FDA recently proposed a rule on e-cigarettes, but critics claim key protections are still needed.

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A Libertarian Bias in the D.C. Circuit’s Administrative Law

Jul 30, 2014

Scholars say the Supreme Court should rebuke the lower court’s ideologically influenced decisions.

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Congress Considers Regulating Tax Preparers

Jul 29, 2014

After federal court blocks IRS rule, Democrats urge new legislation on tax preparation.

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Is Privacy an Antitrust Concern?

Jul 22, 2014

Politicians and activists urge synthesis, but the FTC remains skeptical.

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Quality Control and Criminal Justice

Jul 15, 2014

Can methods used to reduce health care and aviation errors apply to the criminal justice system?

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Alcohol Bureau Will Not Revise Labeling Rules

Jul 9, 2014

TTB withholds “gluten-free” label for specially processed beers.

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The Promise and Perils of Gluten-Free Labels

Jul 8, 2014

The FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule may lead manufacturers to inform some consumers while misleading others.

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How Did Wyoming Take Back Control of Gray Wolf Protection?

Jul 7, 2014

Essay contest winner chronicles conflict between federal and Wyoming officials over management of gray wolf population in the state.

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Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

Jul 3, 2014

Scholars present a defense of and propose a framework for financial cost-benefit analysis.

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