The Role of Distributional Impacts in Cost-Benefit Analysis

Apr 24, 2014

How do agencies use distributional effects in regulatory impact analyses?

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Encouraging Companies to Disclose Climate Risks to the SEC

Apr 23, 2014

State attorneys general are well suited to prod disclosure, recent paper argues.

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Loans for Parolees and Probationers

Apr 22, 2014

Proposal would extend SBA Microloan eligibility to individuals on parole or probation.

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Resetting Expectations for New Media

Apr 21, 2014

Scholars suggest that easy access to information may not increase meaningful public engagement in policymaking.

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Gift Cards and the Potential for Money Laundering

Apr 10, 2014

The growth of gift cards raises new and unexpected challenges for regulators and law enforcement.

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Supreme Court to Hear FTC Challenge to Licensing Board

Apr 9, 2014

Dispute over teeth-whitening regulations may expand federal antitrust authority over states.

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Primary Season Poses Special Challenges for PAC Spending Reporting

Apr 8, 2014

FEC proposes three alternative draft rules for the transparency of multi-state primary expenditures.

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North Carolina Coal Ash Spill Renews Debate Over Delayed EPA Regulations

Apr 3, 2014

February spill raises question of whether coal ash requires federal regulation.

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A Regulatory Vacuum in the Growing Space Launch Market

Apr 1, 2014

Congress limits administrative safety regulation while offering financial safety net.

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The Democratic Case for Job Impact Analysis

Mar 18, 2014

Integrating employment effects into regulatory impact analysis could improve the public debate on regulation.

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