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Affiliated with the Penn Program on Regulation and housed at Penn Law, RegBlog is the online source of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion. Staffed by students from multiple schools at the University of Pennsylvania, RegBlog features work contributed by staff members, scholars, practitioners, and others interested in regulatory developments. The opinions expressed on RegBlog are the sole responsibility of their creators and do not necessarily represent those of RegBlog, the Penn Program on Regulation, Penn Law, or the University of Pennsylvania.

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Alexandra Hamilton

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Kate Sell

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Jessica Bassett

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Brandi Lupo

Dori Molozanov

Grace Knofczynski

Grayson Weeks


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Katie Cramer

Kim Cullen

Kim Kirschenbaum

Sarah Melanson

Eric Schlabs


Sara Bodnar
Jeremy Carp
Joel Dankwa

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Michael Fletcher
James Rathz

Daniel Stepanicich
Tanya Xu
Xifan Zhou

Faculty Advisor

Professor Cary Coglianese

Professor Cary Coglianese

Example of how to cite to RegBlog using Bluebook conventions:

Cary Coglianese, Federal Regulations: Let’s Review the Rules, RegBlog (April 29, 2011), /2011/04/federal-regulations-lets-review-the-rules.html

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