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The Regulatory Week in Review: April 18, 2014

| Apr 18, 2014 | Week in Review

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    • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) lowered its estimate of the cost to implement the Affordable Care Act’s insurance expansion by $100 billion over the next decade.
    • The European Parliament approved a law that would make it easier to shutter troubled banks.  
    • A federal appeals court in Washington upheld an EPA rule regulating toxic air pollution emitted by power plants, including mercury, arsenic, and other chemicals.
    • The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals also overturned Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  rule that would have soon required companies to disclose whether they sold products containing so-called “conflict minerals.” 
    • The Illinois House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow state regulators to set rules for the packaging of e-cigarette fluids.